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Private Lessons Online

Learn classical Sanskrit from an Oxford scholar and start to read the ancient texts from home.


Discover the classics of Indian literature, mythology, epic and philosophy in the original language.



Avail of courses in aspects of Indian history, literature and religious traditions.


What Do I Teach?

Beginners' Sanskrit


Learn Sanskrit from the very beginning. Start to write Sanskrit sentences.


The Indian Epics


Read the Rāmāyaṇa,  and the Mahābhārata, the two great epics of India.


Classical Sanskrit Literature


Cultivate your reading of kāvya, arguably one of the most sophisticated poetic traditions in the world. Read Kālidāsa, Bāṇa, Daṇḍin, Bhāravi and many others. Discover Indian Aesthetics.

Early Indian History


Learn about key political, cultural and religious developments in pre-modern Indian history.



Indian Religious and Philosophical Texts


Delve into the rich world of Indian mythology. Read ritual literature, hymns, the Hindu legal codes and philosophical literature.

Watercolor Stain Transparent


Watercolor Stain Transparent

"Bihani provides expert tuition while creating a welcoming environment. Through close analysis of texts Bihani takes her class along with her on a journey of historical and literary exploration. She takes care to deliver pertinent, insightful, and enriching feedback on all forms of work.''

Dr. Christopher Haddad, BA student in Sanskrit, University of Oxford

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